Spider Solitaire

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Spider Solitaire is one of four suits produced by the Spider Company. Four suits of clothing are available to consumers who want something unique for a birthday or other special occasion. Each suit has four card faces and one hand. The four suits are the traditional suit colors: Blue, Black, Green, and Pink. The suits were introduced in 2021.

All four suits have forty-two cards total including the twenty-two starting cards. The suits consist of five cards each. Of the fifty-two cards only twenty-two can be turned over to make the full deck. Four decks are laid out face down. The twenty-two starter cards form the four suits.

The first two decks are commonly called the Blue Sinker and the Black Widows. These suits contain twenty-two cards each, including seven cards from the Blue Sinker and six from the Black Widows. The remaining cards are un-holed. The four un-holed cards in the Blue Sinker suit are worth one point, and the seven un-holed cards are worth three points. This means that the overall value of the deck is fifty-one points or one hundred percent.

The next two decks, the Green Sinker and the Pink Flamingo, contain twenty-one cards each and are worth thirty-three points each. The remaining cards, which are all un-holed, earn no point. With the Blue Sinker has a win rate of ninety-eight percent and the Green Sinker earns a win rate of ninety-nine percent, these two suits are clearly the most reliable when playing Spider Solitaire.

The remaining fourteen cards in each of the two suites are placed in the center of the table. Two stacks of the twenty-one cards in the Blue Suit pile face up in the center of the table. Four stacks of the twenty-one un-holed cards are placed across from the Blue Suit pile on the left side of the table. This means that the four stacks of cards used to make up the un-holed cards need to be on the right of the stack in order to be visible to all players. The fifteen un-holed cards, also on the right side of the table, can only be used by players sitting to the left of the dealer when face-to-face. So, when the time comes for the dealer to deal with each of the four suites, the dealer always deals the four suites from left to right.

Once all of the sets of the fifteen un-holed cards, plus the one un-holed card in each of the four suits have been dealt, the dealer stands back and looks at the cards. At this point, all players must stand up and raise their hands. Then, the dealer will deal the twenty-one card dealt from the Blue Suit pack to the tableau. When this has been done, the dealer looks at the fourteen cards dealt from the Red Suit pack and deals these as well.